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2020 Musical Advent Calendar

Day 1: Étienne Chénard, viola

Day 2: Barbara Pritchard, piano

Day 3: Henri Gauchi, baroque flute | Lynette Wahlstrom, harpsichord

Day 4: Ellen Gibling, harp

Day 5: Katelyn Wheaton, vocal/guitar

Day 6: Suzanne Lemieux, oboe/recorder/rattle drum

Day 7: Benjamin Marmen, cello

Day 8: Tristan De Borba, saxophone

Day 9: Jack Chen, flute | Eileen Walsh, clarinet

Day 10: Matthew Martin, guitar

Day 11: Mary Lee, horn | David Parker, horn

Day 12: Marie Bouchard, harpsichord

Day 13: Kirsty Money and Eli, nyckelharpa

Day 14: Richard Simoneau, trumpet/piccolo trumpet

Day 15: Jeff Reilly, bass clarinet

Day 16: India Gailey, cello | Garth MacPhee, harpsichord

Day 17: Derek Charke, bass fute/Eugene Cormier, guitar | Paolo Bortolussi, flute

Day 18: Peter Allen, piano | Renaud Lapierre, violin/Emilie Paré, violin/Étienne Chénard, viola/Rachel Desoer, cello

Day 19: Catherine Little, cello/piano | Barbara Pritchard, piano

Day 20: Patricia Creighton, flute | Brad Reid, violin/cello/flute/oboe/clarinet/soprano sax/tenor sax/tambourine

Day 21: TBA

Day 22: TBA

Day 23: TBA

Day 24: TBA

Day 25: TBA